The M Family is Almost a Family of 4| Chester County Maternity Photographer

{Chester County Maternity Photographer}

I worked with this loving and adorable family several years ago when their first son was born.  I was more than excited when they contacted me again to help document their growing family.  Not only did they want a maternity/family session, they also wanted me to capture their next child’s newborn photos too!  I was beyond excited to know that I’d get to spend a lot of time again with this family.  Our maternity session together might be one of my favorite sessions to date.  We had to reschedule this session a few times due to the wet, cold spring that we’ve been having.  We finally lucked out with a warm spring evening filled with lots of sunshine.  With all of the cloudy days we’ve been having, it’s been even more enjoyable for us photographers to shoot on sunny nights!!

Check out my favorites from our session!  I’ll try to blog their newborn session in a few weeks too.  Any guesses as to whether mom had a boy or a girl??


Chester County Maternity Photographer_0001

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The S Family Becomes 4 | Chester County Twin Newborn Photographer

{Chester County Twin Newborn Photographer}

I love shooting twin newborn sessions.  Sometimes they can be a bit challenging but the end results are so, so worth it.  This session did not disappoint.  This beautiful set of boy/girl twins decided to show up a bit early as twins tend to do.  We weren’t exactly sure how old the twins would be before we scheduled our session.  In case you didn’t know, it’s best to schedule a newborn session before your baby is two weeks old.  Of course, this isn’t exactly true if your baby is born early.  When the babies were finally released from the NICU, we scheduled our session as soon as we could.

Given the age of the babies, they both did very well.  Mom and Dad were so sweet watching over their new children throughout our session.  For a twin session, I like to try to get a few setups of the babies together, a few of them individually and then of course some family shots and some parent shots.  We were able to get all of those combinations in our session which means it was a great success!!

If you’ll notice below, this sweet sister kept smiling throughout the session!  I always love to capture little newborn smiles in my photos!

Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0003

Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0002Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0001Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0009Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0008Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0007Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0006Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0005Chester County Newborn Twin Photographer_0004

The C Family becomes 3 | South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

{South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer}

I adore working with this family.  I had such a blast with this couple when we did our maternity session.  They had signed up for a quick 30 minute session.  When the session was over and we got back into the car, I was shocked to see that our session had lasted almost 75 minutes!  That’s how much fun they are!  When they asked me to do a lifestyle newborn session at their home in New Jersey, I knew I was in for another wonderful session.  First, this couple is just the sweetest.  Two of the nicest people I’ve met.  Then, on top of that, they are also incredibly stylish!  I knew their home would not disappoint.  And it didn’t!  Baby E’s nursery was one of the prettiest nurseries that I’ve ever seen.  I told mom that she needs to come help me decorate my own home!  I am completely in love with the wallpaper they used as an accent wall.  Lifestyle sessions always tend to be my favorite because they focus more on what you’ll see in their lives everyday.  Plus, I love photographing the connection between parents and their children.

These two new parents looked right at home.  You could just see how much love they have for their sweet little girl.  She sure is one lucky lady to be born into this family.  Even her two older furry siblings were excited to meet her too!

South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0009South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0007
South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0003South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0002South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0001

South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0008South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0006South Jersey Lifestyle Newborn Photographer_0004


The K Family | Montgomery County Photographer

Montgomery County Photographer

This is one of my favorite family sessions yet.  Such a fun, easy-going family.  It makes it so much easier for the session to go smoothly when the family is happy!

I love shooting sessions at Valley Forge in Montgomery County.  There are so many beautiful locations and this area just happens to be one of my favorite spots.  For this session, I actually got to photograph another amazing local photographer.  It was so fun to work with her sweet family of 5.  I was so nervous before this session since she’s a great photographer herself but this ended up being one of my favorite sessions from the fall.  They were so easy to work with and we actually had some great weather.  The crazy thing is that I considered cancelling this session since it was stormy and rainy just a little bit before our session.  Then, the skies cleared and it was a beautiful night for a session.  Lots of great family shots and then several mom and dad shots.  It’s so important for mom and dad to get photos too.  Most of the time, the last good photos they have is from their wedding day.  Parent shots tend to be some of my favorites from each session.


2015 | Chester County Family Photographer

{Chester County Family Photographer}

Well another year is in the books and it was my best year yet! I am always so humbled that people choose me to photograph their families. I feel like photography is a very intimate and personal decision when deciding on a photographer. You are choosing someone who you will allow into your life to document your time together. I love being that person for your family. I love capturing those genuine smiles, hugs, laughs and even some scowls. It’s all part of life and it’s important to document all of it. I love my job. I love being able to create art out of everyday life. Life is beautiful and it should be captured so we can stop and appreciate the beauty of it all. Thank you to all of the families who chose me to capture your memories this past year. I’ve grown so much from when I first started my business several years ago now. I’ve learned more about my camera, editing and interacting with my families. In 2016, I look to keep improving and to keep providing valuable memories to all of my families. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. Check out the video below of some highlights from 2015!


Be sure to click the letters ‘HD’ on the video and then click 720p for the best image quality.


YearEnd2015 from MnM Family Photography on Vimeo.


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